A Great Discovery

If you have ever heard of Dupuytren's Contraction then you would understand my predicament. This is a disease named after the French Doctor who discovered it about 150 years ago. Researches around the world are searching for the cure but have to date been unsuccessful.

Bottom line here is that I have Dupuytren's Contracture and it is about as much fun as gargling razor blades. There are two issues with the disease that cause discomfort. The first is that one or more of your fingers contract making it pretty difficult to get into a golf or any kind of glove. The second is arthritic type pain and reduced flexibility of your hands.

In early June I stumbled across an add for Copper Infused Golf Gloves. The tag line stated that these gloves soothed arthritic hands. I was curious enough to buy one for both hands. 

I received them in the mail in a few days and immediately put them on. In a very short period of time the pain was reduced and flexibility improved in both hands. I rushed to the practice range and could not believe the difference in my golf swing.

Since then I have researched other products that would make life easier for those who suffer from joint pain. Our site, mehl men.com features those products that I have fond --and tested. Believe me, every one does what it claims to do, guaranteed. Check it out at www.mehlmen.com. Let me know what you think.

EJ Mehl

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