About the Mehlman

My name is EJ Mehl. I am a 70 year old active person. I do not consider myself a senior, I consider myself as an active, engaging person who really thinks he is in his 50's. Maybe I am in some sort of warped trance, but I know that life is not so grim, is too short, and if I work on the activities that excited me during my working days that I know I can improve.

Recently I was diagnosed with Dupuytren's Contracture. This is a rare disease that effects descendants of mid western Europe and it's hereditary. My Mother had a mild dose and her Brother had it much like I do now. There is no current cure for this and it causes some serious issues.

To begin with, the ligaments and tendons in the hands and feet begin to contract the limbs they control. In my case, the pinky finger has been pulled back toward the palm of my hand and the thumb is at a 90* angle. I have gone through two procedures to fix these issues, but both have failed. I have another one scheduled at the end of the month that may or may not be the all time fix.

There are two issues that I have to contend with. One is joint pain in my hand and elbow, the other is muscle pain in my hands and feet. I was introduced to CopperGlove about a month ago. This amazing copper infused product is being introduced as a golf glove which is why it caught my eye. The sales script described this as an aid to sooth joint and muscle pain in the hands. I immediately bought one for both hands to help me with my golf swing.

The pair were delivered about three days after order. I put them on and within minutes felt a soothing of pain and an increase in the flexibility of my hands. I then went to the practice tee and found that these gloves have a tacky side to them which allows you to grip the club lighter and swing with a much lesser degree of pain. The flexibility also gives you a better ability to maintain that all important angle. And, they work in foul weather, so they got my "All Weather Glove" endorsement!

I also sail. Handling lines for jibs and mainsails were tough for me. I tried these gloves on the boat and had a much more pleasant experience. My point is that these gloves can be used for any activity that your hands have to fight pain to execute.

This successful experience caused me to research other copper infused products that can help 55 year old plus active males and females continue to enjoy their activities without double doses of Advil or Tylenol. We found sleeves for elbows, knees, ankles and even some arch supports. We also have some training aids for your favorite activities that you can continue once you experience the soothing relief of our product line.

I have tried most and can guarantee to you that you, as an active human being, will, once again, enjoy your activities using these products. Live Life Well Brothers and Sisters!

EJ Mehl