Got Feet?

When I was a kid I had flat feet. It is likely that I still do. I say that because when I play golf, I walk the course. During the past two years I have struggled towards the end of the round with foot and minor back pain.

In previous blog posts I discussed my hands. Due to a rare disease I have some pain and a serious lack of flexibility. To combat this I found and tried a pair of copper infused golf gloves. When I say a pair, I mean one for each hand because both needed some help. They worked! Minutes after I put them on, the pain was soothed and my flexibility improved. I am not telling you that this was a total cure, but it made my condition much more manageable. 

With this revelation I began to research other copper infused products and found a pair of arch supports made with this technology. I ordered a pair, put them in my golf shoes and went to the first tee. Four hours later, when I got to the 18th green I realized that my feet and back felt just like they did when I started the round.

Copper works. Many doubt its magic, but I can truly testify that it has worked for me. If you suffer from stiff and painful joints, or muscle flexibility, you owe it to your self to give one of the products you find on a shot. If you don't think they work, just let me know and I will fully refund your purchase and let you keep the product you ordered.

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EJ Mehl

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