Ryan Ballengee reviews the CopperTech Golf Glove

Ryan Ballengee is founder and editor of Golf News Net. He has been writing and broadcasting about golf for over a decade, working for NBC Sports, Golf Channel, Yahoo Sports and SB Nation. 

"When I'm hitting full shots, I wear a glove. When I'm playing from inside 75 yards, more or less, I don't wear a glove. When I putt, I don't wear a glove. When I'm not hitting a golf shot, I don't wear a glove.

Needless to say, I take off and put on my golf glove a lot in a round -- some 50 times in a round. You probably do close to the same. I put it through a lot of wear and tear. But I expect that glove to fit well, have a little tack on it and be reliable for months on end.

That's the lens through which I reviewed the Copper Tech golf glove. The makers of the glove say that the one-size-fits-all model has copper weaving that is intended to offer health benefits, particularly for muscle soreness and pain. I'll admit: I'm a total skeptic about that stuff, so I didn't consider that in the review, just the three big factors that I care about when it comes to golf handwear.

The Copper Tech Glove largely fits the bill in all three categories.

At first, I didn't like the one-size nature of the glove. In the first few rounds, it took too much time for my liking to put on the glove. However, after a handful of rounds, the glove has a personal fit that does offer some compression benefits. I am testing the glove at a time when my left wrist isn't feeling all that great off the course. While playing with the Copper Tech glove? I don't notice it. That's a positive.

The glove also has a nice little bit of tack to it. I grew spoiled with the Caddy Daddy Talon glove and its football glove-like tackiness, but it faded with time (as it should). Slipping into the Copper Tech glove right after was a little drop from the peak tackiness in the Caddy Daddy model, but it was more than ample. The silicon pattern on the palm side of the glove offered a solid grip in all conditions, including rain and high heat and humidity, which is pretty much summer golf in the D.C. area.

The Copper Tech glove has also proven fairly reliable. The Velcro has held up well with how often I take it on and off, and it hasn't lost form with all of the time its spent in my back pocket. Good news on both fronts. However, my bigger hand has caused some of stitching on top of the glove has come undone and needed to be trimmed."

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  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


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