These Gloves are not Just for Golf!

So I bought a pair of these golf gloves on line to help sooth my joint pain. And, as you know, they worked. A few days later I was asked to crew on a sailboat race. I thought about handeling the sheets, lines and halyards. These can be difficult tasks that need to be tended to in very short notice and requires flexibility. My conclusion was to use my newly purchased CopperGloves to help me--what a great idea. 

My point here is that the CopperGlove is not just for golf. This is an all purpose glove that will help you with any chore that requires extensive handwork. This can be gardening, typing, household chores or just wear while relaxing if your pain is bothering you.

If you suffer from joint pain or a decrease in the flexibility of your hand motion, you must try the CopperGlove. You have my 100% guarantee that if you are not satisfied, your money will be returned.

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